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Importance of Kriah

To a child struggling with kriah, davening is a struggle. Learning Chumash is a struggle. Learning Rashi is a struggle. And for boys, learning Mishnayos, Gemara, and a plethora of mefarshim - the key focus during most years in Yeshiva - can be grueling. Even something as regular as davening for the amud or reciting Kiddush at home can be a humiliating experience.

Thankfully, the best available help can be found right here. Even children who have previously received kriah tutoring but were not successful have hope now.

The Bernstein Institute

  The institute was founded over 30 years ago by Rabbi Avrohom Bernstein, a veteran rebbi who turned his focus to the wide spectrum of kriah problems and developed an innovative program to address them. To date, thousands of adults and children are able not only to read, but to enjoy and delight in the process. 


The Bernstein Method

The methods used at the Bernstein Institute achieve that which the typical methods often cannot. Years of research have gone into building a program that truly addresses the root cause of the problem. While it’s a computer-based program that uses cutting-edge technology, it works in unison with a specially trained tutor who individualizes and guides the program to meet the particular needs of the student.

Unlike most conventional tutoring, “children” of all ages find it fun! The child feels that he’s doing a series of computer games, without realizing that the “games” are addressing his processing and comprehension weaknesses and actually teaching him to read. 

Additionally, the Bernstein method yields visible results. After only a few sessions, the student sees that he’s making real progress, which provides a tremendous incentive to continue. Within a few months, he usually acquires reading fluency on his own.

The American Branch

KriahOnline director, Rabbi Heshy Weber, was thrilled when he discovered the Yad Aryeh Bernstein Institute in Israel. As a longtime mechanech who has dealt with kriah issues for years, he had scoured the globe to find a resource that can help all children who struggle with kriah. Having spent an extended time in Israel and, seeing first hand the method and success rate of the Bernstein Institute, Rabbi Weber closely observed and became an expert in its curriculum. After extensive preparation and collaboration, the US branch was opened. The program is now being made even more accessible through this online platform as an answer to the growing need for kriah assistance among so many students today

What ages can join?

  Boys and girls, can join as early as first grade. Our oldest student to date is 18; after a long odyssey of failure, he finally feels accomplished. As reading struggles often continue into adulthood, we believe that adults will also benefit greatly from the program.


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